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Democratic Green Party of Somali





Dear all,


Civil war in Somali does not only  devastated the most disadvantaged citizens of the world(somali people) but the environment has badly degraded, Most of the trees are cut down for fuel and charcoal consumption. Forests are disappearing at an unprecedented rate and farming land is turning to desert.  It made us angry and We, the member of DGPS, have decided to establish this Party, because we are willing to take part in saving our country and our common home(earth).

 Members of this party do have a great concern about the mayhem at home. DGPS will foreshadow a new kind of politic that can change the old  way of making peace in Somali.

It seems that the new government have failed to build and develop institutional framework which is needed to end the suffering of the people.

DGPS brought together an effective network that, can develop the party, and can work with diverse groups.

The main office of the party is in Bossaso, the port city of the Puntland state government, in North Eastern part of Somali. The party has grass roots organisations both in Somaliland and southern Somali.

DGPS sucessed to establish a working office in Nairobi, London and Birmingham. Members of this party are all Somalis from Somali, Europe, North America and Africa. They are all united in changing Somalia for the better.

 Some members of DGPS  are members of the Green Parties in Europe, and they have the capacity and the knowledge of developing the party.

 DGPS is a member of African Green Federation and Global Greens.

DGPS is keen to cooperate with all other organisations and institutions that can support us to achieve our objectives and vision.


Thank you

Mahamed Abshir

Democratic Green Party of Somali

DGPS news


  • New Members:

We welcome the new DGPS members: WFDO Wadani Farm Development Organisation from Puntland, JEDA Jubbaland Enviromental Associsation from Jubbaland, SYG Somaliland Youth Group from Somaliland and SYL Somali Youth league from Puntland. We also thank our 15 organisational members for your support to DGPS.


  • Global Green Conference:



The Democratic Green Party of Somalia is taking part in the Global Greens Conference that will be held from Thursday 29 March to Sunday 1 April 2012.

The chairlady of Green Women of Somalia Miss Haali Ahmed will lead the DGPS delegation.












Press realease

Asalama Aleikum,

The DGPS presidential candidate issued a statement expressing his gratitude to Uganda and Burundi leadership and people for preventing the horrors that face Somali people today.


Mr. Abdullahi mentioned that President Sharif have failed to work with the international community and UN. The president have issued a statement refusing to attend a consultative meeting sponsored by the UN and called all other organs including the Parliament to boycott the meeting.

"I believe that, it is reckless and unwise not to cooperate with the international community at the time where support of the international community have a vital importance". Said Mr. Abdullahi.


Mr. Abdullahi Added that he will form an exploratory committee that can bring the leadership that this country needs. a Leadership that will undo the mistakes made before and overcome the failures.


"Somali is a great country with potential resources of minerals and human resources. Somali deserves the best leadership. As we face a significant challenges to reestablish rule of law i believe that DGPS polices can make our country a pleasant place to live and halt the environmental catastrophe.

I have to thank to the members of the DGPS who gave me their trust and chance to stand as their candidate as a president of Somalia. I will give my priority in reforming the party and in bringing a new kind of politics that can bring peace and stability and meet the hopes of the people.


YES there are challenges and inorder to accomplish our goals and achieve success, we have to focus on our strengths".


Thank you,

Wa aleikum Salam

Salah Hayan


Organising a new group in Somalia.

Grass roots organizing can bring social change, If you want to organise a new peace loving and Green group in Somalia or Establish a local Democratic Green Party In your Area. You can mail us: and you will get the information and support you need.

Organising is not difficult....just get a friend or a relative ......

BE an ORGANISER and join Our Movement ....Peace loving and Green Somali  group....

Change is needed in Somali so Contribute and BE  one of the GREEN GROUP IN SOMALI.


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